• Pravana Kera Glaze Smoother and Color Lock
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      Kera Glaze Smoother and Color Lock - 1 kit

      Temporarily smooth hair without any commitment and lock in hair color with Pravana's KeraGLAZE. KeraGLAZE's deeply-penetrating two-step process repairs, strengthens and smooths the hairs cuticle, leaving hair healthy and sleek with incredible shine for up to 6 shampoos. Protect, refresh and maintain the vibrancy of your hair color far longer than ever before. This two-part weekly system includes KeraGLAZE Strength and KeraGLAZE Shine. KeraGLAZE Strength instantly repairs and resuscitates dry, damaged hair by imparting pure keratin protein deep into the cortex layer of the hair fiber. KeraGLAZE Shine provides glass-like shine while sealing in color and texture services. KeraGLAZE Shine doubles as a daily thermal protector - shielding hair from the damages associated with thermal styling. Just spray onto damp hair prior to thermal drying or mist on before use of thermal irons. UVA & UVB Protectants in KeraGLAZE shield the hair from the colorfading and damaging effects of the sun.

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