Holiday Gifting Made Easy with Customer Direct

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As we all work towards finding a new normal, we cannot help but notice all the changes that have occurred since the outbreak of COVID19. While many of these provide great challenges, it also can be said that a lot was learned and some good things came out of this pandemic time. At East Coast Salon Services something that we are incredibly proud of is the, pandemic-inspired, Customer Direct program! While it was initially created as a response to help our salons maintain some retail revenue during the shutdown, the convenience to our customers, and THEIR customers, makes this program a unique opportunity and something we are proud to carry on indefinitely!

What’s so great about Customer Direct? Salon clients can shop retail product at home, online, whenever is convenient for them AND salons still earn full retail markups from the purchases! In addition to the clients convenience, salons don’t have to be concerned about maintaining a large, in-stock inventory of retail products while being concerned with limiting touch points, and guests lingering in limited salon space. Clients place orders with salons and seamlessly receive their orders shipped to their doors within 2 business days.

As fall approaches, holiday gift shopping looms over everyone. There are so many unknowns in this coming holiday seasons including the logistics of gift shopping and what availability will look like! Let Customer Direct be an asset to your clients for their holiday shopping lists!

Check out our Holiday Gifts section online for a complete list of retail gifts for your customers to peruse! Your customers are coming in to see you even when they may not be out shopping elsewhere. The salon industry has a unique opportunity to make this Holiday Season the best retail season yet! For salon and client that’s a win-win leaving everyone feeling good!