From the President and CEO of East Coast Salon Services

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On an average day, life provides us with so many things to worry about. These days are not average days. The concerns we regularly hold for the health and well-being of our families, loved ones, and ourselves; the security of our jobs and finances; the stability of our businesses that we’ve poured our hearts and souls into – these concerns that weigh on many people’s minds every day – are now amplified many times over due to real threats and real risks sitting at our doorsteps. Unfortunately, I cannot solve these problems and I cannot lessen these fears. I wish that I could. What I can do is tell you, you’re not alone. The worries we always know may be amplified right now – but so are the bonds connecting all of us.

The beauty industry is rich with creativity, love and humanity. Having spent my life in the industry, I am grateful to have personally been touched by the unique, powerful heart at its core. Most recently, I experienced this with the passing of my father, Stan Klet. As many of you are aware, my father was the steadfast patriarch of our company for more than 50 years. He adored this industry. With the news of his passing, my family and I were astounded and humbled by the thousands of stories and messages of prayer, love, and support sent from, literally, around the world. We were profoundly touched and grateful at this outpouring while, once again, reminded that the bonds connecting us in this industry are far-reaching and enduring.

At a time like this, it is critical to remember that the relationships and communities we spend our days nourishing don’t evaporate in times of hardship - they double down and show up stronger. As a four-generation family company that has been in business for over 75 years, there is nothing we value more than the strength of our relationships. That, above all, is the message I want to send to our customers, employees, friends, and families in this time of crisis - our community is strong; our relationships are strong; and we will get through this together.

Our industry is made up of a brilliant network of hardworking, caring individuals who dedicate their lives to making others feel good. That doesn’t end when salon doors close. The doors will open again, and when they do, people will be in need of the care that truly only our industry can offer. And I know we will all be ready. In the meantime, as we weather this uncharted storm, if there is anything we can do to help, or needs we can fulfill, don’t hesitate to reach out. We’re here.

From me and my family to you and yours – stay safe and be well.

Sincerest best wishes,

Kara Kletkewicz
President and CEO
East Coast Salon Services