Kevin Murphy


Reflecting the attitude of an editorial-based brand, our BANG BANG haircuts represent aesthetics inspired mostly by 90s street culture. Aware that we are entering a new decade, we looked back for inspiration from iconic fashion and movements throughout history. The cuts live somewhere between K-pop and Britpop, with fringes, longer sides and a Mod feeling. Each haircut has been created with the wearer in mind. The cuts are truly adaptable, genderless and unique, regardless of the length. OUTCOMES: Learn how to cut to the curve of the head and understand how to manipulate the natural texture and movement of hair regardless of the length. In 2020 we are looking at how hair is transitioning through different lengths from short to long, how layers and graduation have changed, and how to personalize your cuts to enhance colour techniques and create the perfect finish in style. We also have created the perfect styling techniques and product combinations for each haircut. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED FOR: Passionate cutters who would like to extend their knowledge and learn not only whats coming but also how to personalize it.

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Mar 30, 2020




ECSS Harrisburg
2308 Patton Road, Suite H
Harrisburg, PA

Seats Available:

12 / out of 15



Lunch Provided


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