Kevin Murphy


In this advanced class, COLOR.MASTER Brandi Holdaway from offers in-depth colour knowledge from undertone to application. This class is designed to further your lightening skills, grow your knowledge in picking the correct product to use and address common lightening challenges. Topics include diagnosis, consultation, choosing your lightener, point of difference between each product, advanced lightening colouration, removal of artificial colour and troubleshooting. This class will get you blonde ready! OUTCOMES: Gain communication skills and learn how to address common problems with blonde hair. Understand the differences between all of our lighteners and when to use a SHADE vs HIGH.LIFT. Discover removal of colour while leaving the hair in optimal condition. Become a blonde specialist. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED FOR: Colourists who have completed COLOR.ME FOUNDATION and 2.0 classes that are looking to advance their blonde skills. Follow up for KEVIN.MURPHY COLOR.ME Curriculum is as follows :: REFINE.ME then COLOR.LAB then ART.LAB.

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Jan 6, 2020




Steele Salon
15 Briarcrest Square
Hershey, PA

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5 / out of 5



Lunch Provided


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