Kevin Murphy


Cutting a true straight line is never as easy as it seems. A fundamental experience with a straight scissor that is inspired by the KEVIN.MURPHY philosophy of cutting hair. Great for a new stylist or anyone craving an update or anyone that trains salon team members. Learn to renew your skills in body position, projection and sectioning to strengthen your hair cutting expertise. The CUT.ME STRAIGHT.EDGE techniques will expand your proficiency and open your eyes to a new approach to precision cutting. You will learn technical proficiency, parting and sectioning and understand how natural texture affects the result and movement of hair. Gain exposure to cutting with purpose. Learn to refine your skills in body position, projection, and sectioning. The purpose of this course is to strengthen the foundation of your approach and your skill to produce quality haircuts with a straight scissor. *DEMO ONLY*

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Oct 7, 2019




blo OUT Lounge
3695 Nottingham Way
Hamilton Square, NJ

Seats Available:

5 / out of 5



Lunch Provided


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