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*****TICKET PURCHASE MUST BE COMBINED WITH $99.00 TICKET PURCHASE TO APRIL 8TH FASHION.WEEK****** In THE RIGHT.WRONG COLLECTION we’re exploring fashion and a more diverse world. The idea of seasonal trends is no longer relevant and today is all about the individual. With inspired styles, cuts and colours, you will be able to find a new direction and respond to the revolutionary change within fashion today. In this special workshop, COLOR.MASTER Brandi Holdaway demonstrates how RIGHT.WRONG gives colour techniques that will enhance you technically from freehand to structure. Designed to be applied right away to a variety of clients and created to make you a superior artist while unlocking your creativity. Brandi will help you understand precision and free-form colour, building on your existing skills combined with COLOR.ME technique and recipes. This year we are looking at how hair is transitioning through different lengths from short to long, how layers and graduation have changed and personalisation. DIAMOND CUTTING.KEY Eric St. Jean will show you how to cut to the curve of the head and help you understand how to manipulate the natural texture and movement of hair. You will take home techniques that are instantly adaptable to the salon and will open your eyes to new possibilities. Dive into the craft of hairdressing with STYLE.MASTER Ali Batista and the work of your hands. Explore styling shapes and techniques that are relevant to you and your client’s world. Learn to navigate this seismic shift in fashion and all things hair towards personal expression and authenticity of the individual.

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Apr 9, 2019




ECSS Runnemede
100 East 9th Avenue
Runnemede, NJ

Seats Available:

20 / out of 20



Lunch Provided


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