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Kevin Murphy

Collection featuring Style Master Ali Batista

True cover hair needs master finishing. In ‘Come as You Are’ we wish to explore the individual expression that you and your clients crave. The idea of seasonal trends is no longer relevant and one size no longer fits all. Yves Saint Laurent famously said, ‘fashion fades, style is eternal’. That’s why this year we are giving you the tools to navigate style and looks that can be tailored to any client’s need. With inspired shapes and techniques, you will be able to find a new direction and respond to the revolutionary change within fashion today. Taking influences from Memphis Design and Comme des Garçons, explore how to understand this shift in fashion and celebrate the unique nature that we all share. Rolls, knots, pleats, texture and wave all at hand for your personal repertoire

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Jun 25, 2018




ECSS McMurray
3523 Washington Road
McMurray, PA

Seats Available:

14 / out of 20



Lunch Provided


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