From Pauline Youngblood, Founder and CEO: For over 20 years I have sought to create the cleanest beauty products in the world. As a medial aesthetician, I saw a need for lightweight makeup that could cover up redness and irritation left after even the harshest medical treatments while allowing the skin to breathe and heal. I did not want to sacrifice a luxurious feel or an elegant aesthetic so today, as one of the first clean luxury cosmetics brands, we continue to raise the bar and stay at the forefront of clean beauty.

Makeup is a life-changing product that can build women's self-confidence for generations to come. Empowering women is a driving force behind what I do, and their stories inspire me every day.

This is an ever-changing industry so I live for education and sharing my journey with others to learn together. I hope you'll come along.

Petite Luxe Skincare Collection 4pc Set

An amazing clean luxury skincare value! Whether you are trying the best skincare line for the first time, or need to have it with you wherever you go, this set is perfect for you!

Kit includes minis of Advanced Refining Serum with 5% lactic acid, Radiance Renewal Treatment glow serum, Daily Enzyme Exfoliant Creme, and Eye Impact Revitalizing Eye Treatment.

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