NIOXIN began with one woman's wish to make people feel good about themselves. Inspired by her own experience, Eva Graham made it her life's mission to help men and women keep their hair.

Her approach was to cultivate a new approach to healthy hair, starting with the scalp. She read everything she could find on skin and hair. She visited dermatologists, attended medical conventions and listened to lectures in the car and realized that "the scalp is simply an extenuation of the face; it needs gentle ingredients to breathe and function correctly."

It was a simple but visionary idea and with just $500 dollars and a dream, Eva set to work. She started experimenting with herbs and botanicals at home and from a small desk in her bedroom, built a network. She teamed up with biologists, chemist, pharmacologists and hairdressers and talked endlessly to consumers to create a revolutionary skin care company for hair.


People with fine or thinning hair are all searching for the same thing: fuller hair. The INSTANT FULLNESS is the daily solution, instantly absorbing oil and helping to prolong the fullness of the 3-Part System Kits, for lightweight fullness and denser-looking hair. Hair is up to 2x fuller within seconds*! Discover the product in two convenient sizes: available for ON THE GO and at-home use. *vs. hair treated with a 24h average amount of sebum

Exclusive to NIOXIN, FUSION FIBRIL™ TECHNOLOGY absorbs excess sebum that can build up during the day, while adding dimension and space between each individual hair strand. Easily brushed out, Instant Fullness leaves the scalp clean and refreshed.

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