With modern advancements in science and technology, you should expect more from today's hair care. Ethica provides professional salon products that utilize proprietary "multiple benefit technology" to maximize the potential of any hair type.

This is the Evolution of Salon Hair Care, the future of what hair care should be, This is Ethica.

Extend. Repair. Amplify. Ethica Beauty introduces shampoo, conditioner and topicals.

Anti-aging Shampoo: Consider this shampoo an essential part of your daily care regimen. A balanced blend of biotech and botanicals, providing a professional level salon shampoo, anti-aging components, and active stimulators all in one.

Anti-aging Conditioner: This premier salon conditioner nourishes the scalp while leaving the hair hydrated, protected, and detangled without adding weight or heaviness.

Ageless Topical: Encapsulated components deliver deep to the hair follicle, providing multiple benefits while remaining weightless and residue free. Adding this to your daily routine provides stronger and more textured, voluminous hair and better overall hair health.

Ageless Corrective Topical: For advanced repair. Powerful results for advanced corrective needs - the latest science technology, encapsulated in an advanced nanosomal delivery system that delivers the ingredients deep into the hair follicle.

Featured Products from Ethica: