Our mission is to simplify and solve the challenges hairdressers face every day. We don’t teach, we provoke and push the imagination further. You know the rules; we encourage you to break them. Our education inspires the artist in every stylist, enabling them with new techniques for new-to-the-eye looks.

We do hair, business and learning differently, constantly surprising and making unexpected connections to create something new. Decades of innovation focused on the stylist has pushed the ordinary to extraordinary, from the first education film to the first online learning, and today’s online tools designed to help you thrive: the Sebastian StyleVision app and Salon Marketing materials put your craft at the centre of your salon, and put trendsetter clients in your chair.

Since the beginning, Sebastian has enabled stylists and the stylish with new products, tools and techniques. Our styles work in the spotlight, in the salon and on the street. Our innovations simplify, and put self-expression in your hands.

Every decade heralds a new lineup of icons that test the limits of hair creation. Cellophanes was the first color that came with choice. Shaper, the world’s first any-which-way spray. Potion 9 created the canvas for limitless style, and Eruptek injected hair with expansive clouds of texture.

Hello Effortless!

Today’s style-setters have a no-compromise, can’t-wait attitude and with their non-stop schedules, they need an effortless hair routine that works as hard as they do. Now you can offer your salon clients a 3-step solution to create perfectly imperfect hair.

1. PREP with RESET. Prep the hair with this anti-residue, clarifying shampoo that gives the perfect base for any imperfect look.

2. PRESTYLE with PRESET. This texture-building conditioner acts as a primer for hair.

3. SHAPE with SHAPER iD. Achieve perfectly imperfect finish in just 5 seconds with this workable, remoldable texture spray.

Featured Products from Sebastian: