Founded in 2004 by 30-year beauty industry veteran Steve Goddard, PRAVANA International is a global salon professional hair care brand "created by stylists, for stylists".

The name PRAVANA is derived from an ancient Sanskrit phrase, which translates to The Source of All Things. The brand's core mission is to provide unparalleled, high performance beauty solutions to salon professionals and their clients everywhere through a range of carefully curated, innovative hair care products that are formulated from only the best, and most natural ingredients available to the beauty industry.

PRAVANA'S full and complete range of continuously natural evolving hair care products includes hair color, styling, texturizing and after-color care to meet virtually every beauty need.

Introducing 4 new violet shades that empower you to create the cool colors and looks you've always dreamt of. Unique pigment formulations with reduced pink tones. Use these on-their-own, or intermix with any other ChromaSilk shades! The new violets are great to use to enhance colors, balance formulas and neutralize residual warmth.

Featured Products from Pravana: