Born from the same philosophy as skincare, KEVIN.MURPHY products are weightlessly designed to deliver performance, strength and longevity. When searching the world for our ingredients, KEVIN.MURPHY looked for companies that use micro cultivation, organic growing practices, or ecologically sound wild harvesting techniques to ensure the KEVIN.MURPHY range is of the very highest natural quality.

Heat Activated Style Extender

From Kevin Murphy:
Dear Salons,

Hi! I wanted to reach out and let you all know about a new product I am very excited about. For a while now I have wanted to create a spray that would extend your style and enhance the condition of your hair, this sounds like quite the claim but let me explain. EVER.SMOOTH contains not only new innovative skincare ingredients but also a new wood bark complex made from Indigenous Australian plant extracts. This new technology has made it possible for me to develop a lightweight style extending product that creates frizz free, silky smooth texture without the feeling of residue on the hair. EVER.SMOOTH will also help reduce styling friction, making the hair less vulnerable to damage, so go ahead and stretch your style one more day.

Typically oil based ingredients can lock down the cuticle and regulate moisture leaving the hair dull, lifeless or flat at best and at worst greasy and heavy, making it hard to maintain volume. EVER.SMOOTH is lightweight, antistatic and will never weigh down the hair. This technology restores hair by assisting to seal split ends and cuticle damage, not only improving the appearance of the hair over time but cutting down blow-dry time.


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