Earthly Body uses natural ingredients – no mineral oil, dyes, sulfates, propylene glycol, phthalates or parabens. Earthly Body’s products are 100% Vegan, drug-free and cruelty-free. We are on PETA’s coveted and highly regarded “No Test List.”

Hemp is rich in amino acids and essential fatty acids, including Omega 3 and 6, which deliver important nutrients, and moisture to the skin while protecting against environmental and other daily stresses.

Hemp is also a sustainable wonder crop. It can grow in a variety of climates and soil types. The crops grow close to one another so they take up less space and the hemp plant grows without the use of pesticides, herbicides, fungicides and thrives on less water than most crops. This makes it the environments best friend and a natural way to clean up soil pollution.

***MANUFACTURER’S DECLARATION: The oil in our hemp-based products has been tested in accordance with Health Canada and USDA guidelines and contains 0.00% THC (tetrahydrocannabinol). This means that all CBD DAILY Products are 100% DRUG FREE


Now you can offer your salon clients the CBD Daily Intensive Cream and Soothing Serum in a delightful lavender scent. From Earthly Body.

If your clients have any questions about CBD and Hemp, please check out this informative video from CBD. It will answer all of their questions.

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