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We’re very excited to introduce to you Ethica Beauty!


Anti-aging Shampoo: Consider this shampoo an essential part of your daily care regimen. A balanced blend of biotech and botanicals, providing a professional level salon shampoo, anti-aging components, and active stimulators all in one.

Anti-aging Conditioner: This premier salon conditioner nourishes the scalp while leaving the hair hydrated, protected, and detangled without adding weight or heaviness.

Ageless Topical: Encapsulated components deliver deep to the hair follicle, providing multiple benefits while remaining weightless and residue free. Adding this to your daily routine provides stronger and more textured, voluminous hair and better overall hair health.

Ageless Corrective Topical: For advanced repair. Powerful results for advanced corrective needs – the latest science technology, encapsulated in an advanced nanosomal delivery system that delivers the ingredients deep into the hair follicle.


Directions for Use: This is a rinse and repeat product A little goes a long way! You will find you can use much less than normal with this concentrated shampoo. After applying shampoo, work into a lather with a gentle massage on the scalp, ensuring coverage of the hair as well. Leave on the scalp for one to three minutes before rinsing. Repeat the first step, increasing the leave on time to between two to four minutes before rinsing. “Leaving the product on long enough for the ingredients to penetrate and work is important for best results. Take the time – your hair is worth it!”

The more often you shampoo, the better the results. Men: 4 – 6 times a week, for women, 2 – 4 times a week is suggested as a minimum.

For women that wash their hair once or twice a week, maximize the time you leave the product on to obtain maximum results.

*Note: If you leave the shampoo on for less than 1 minute you will receive mostly cosmetic benefits (like a regular shampoo) and limited therapeutic results.

Directions for Use: After washing your hair, apply conditioner and massage thoroughly into the scalp, ensuring coverage of the hair strands root tip as well – leave on for two to four minutes. Rinse.

* If you leave the conditioner on for less than 1 minute you will receive mostly cosmetic benefits (like a regular conditioner) and limited therapeutic results.

* If you desire to stack products, massage only into the scalp and use your favorite conditioner roots to ends as an alternative.

Directions for Use: Apply up to 7 sprays directly to the scalp in the desired or thinning area twice per day – applying more product does not increase results. Gently rub the liquid in evenly, focusing on the scalp. Ageless topical absorbs very quickly, you do not need to keep massaging in order for it to penetrate. Do not rinse. Wash hands after use.
Apply on a consistent schedule whether hair is wet or dry or has been washed or not.

*Note: 7 sprays twice a day is for maximum potential, if your needs are for smaller areas of concern, such as strengthening the temporal or frontal region only, you may find you need to use only three to four sprays once a day – adjust your usage depending on your needs, speed of desired results and area of coverage.

(FOR MEN USING CORRECTIVE: Men with male pattern baldness will most likely need the maximum 7 sprays twice daily to combat the aggressive nature of MPB.)

After you have reached what you feel is your potential, you most likely can go into maintenance mode – where you can use the product once a day, or possibly, three times a week to maintain results.

Some may even find that just Ethica Anti Aging Shampoo is enough to maintain your results, where you would then utilize the Ageless topical as a booster for periods of stress or normal fluctuations.

(FOR MEN USING CORRECTIVE: Men with male pattern baldness will need to continue to use at least once a day to maintain results, as a man ages, many will need to continue to use twice daily to maintain as MPB becomes more aggressive with age.)