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Foot care

In the past pedicures have been often looked at as a luxury item. But as the warm weather creeps in and feet emerge from their long winter hibernation, most people find themselves somewhat dismayed by the state of their podiatry.

Considering how much work and abuse is placed on the feet it is amazing how little effort and care goes into their regular maintenance. It is time to start looking at pedicures not at a luxury experience but, rather, as an important step in maintaining good health for one of the most over taxed parts of the body.

The following are several health benefits associated with regularly scheduled pedicures:

Prevention of infection – Cracked skin leads to infections. Wherever skin is open bacteria has ample opportunity to make its entrance, and since feet are often kept in dark damp places the presence of bacteria is guaranteed. When the skin on your feet gets overly dry and cracked the bacteria has plenty of opportunity to get into the healthy skin cell and cause a whole host of problems. Pedicures keep skin moisturized to prevent cracking. Additionally, regular moisturizing between pedicures is recommended to keep the skin as soft and supple as needed.

Removing dead skin – While moisturizing can help prevent cracks, the removal of dead skin can take this a step further. It’s hard to moisturize skin back to good health after its already callused and damaged. Professional pedicures help remove the dead skin in a way that cannot be done at home which encourages cell growth for healthy skin cells. Removing the dead skin before it builds up too aggressively prevents things like corns and bunions which can become extremely painful and require the attention of a medical doctor.

Circulation – Unanimously, everyone’s favorite part of a pedicure is the massage. Not only is this enjoyable from a luxury standpoint but it also does a world of good for increasing blood circulation in your feet and legs. The stimulation of these blood cells helps keep the blood moving upward in an area that is so subject to gravity’s pull. This helps bring fresh oxygen to the feet and legs and keeps you moving and feeling lighter.

Relaxation – Taking a deep breath and relaxing is an obvious plus side to the pedicure experience. But relaxation itself has a long list of health benefits that cannot be duplicated by other means. From lower stress levels to hormone balances, oxygenation and blood pressure, the benefits of relaxing are well documented and critical to good health.

Do yourself, your feet, and your health a favor and start making pedicures a part of your monthly routine!