The 10 Minute Revolution – Megix10

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Reduce the time it takes to get beautiful, vibrant, long-lasting color. Formulated with Micro-Pigment Technology, Megix10 delivers complete gray coverage in a fraction of the time. Book more clients in a day, and now walk-ins are welcome!

Keraveg-18 Fision, an innovative keratin formula, protects the hair, moisturizes and nourishes the hair fiber, giving it new life and beauty. Hair is softer, shinier and healthier.

Color Saver shampoo and conditioner extend color and prevent fading. They also improve hydration, elasticity, leaving hair glossy and silky. Paraben Free.

Shop online, visit our stores, or contact your ECSS sales representative to learn more. Intro kits will be available so you can try this exciting new color line.