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Woe is Retail…

Many of our customers have reached out to us with concerns about retail and front desk services. In order to dive deeper into our understanding of the problems our customers face, we conducted a random and anonymous survey of consumers and their beauty purchasing habits. The results were enlightening.

Here is what a common response looked like:

Screen Shot 2016-10-12 at 2.44.38 PMWe asked consumers: Where do you buy your shampoo and conditioner? Only 11% said they purchase in salons. 16% visit a beauty retail chain and 58% admit to purchasing at a supermarket or drugstore. In the area of styling products the salon numbers did a little better with 16% of consumers purchasing styling products at the salon. 18% chose a beauty retail chain and 40% still went the route of drugstore or supermarket.

These numbers wont be terribly surprising. However, the following data shed a lot of light on WHY this happens.

reco survey q63% of consumers trusted their stylist for recommendations on product (over friends, advertising, or online information) but then went outside the salon to purchase. This is because 66% believed they could definitely find the product cheaper outside of the salon and 26% weren’t sure. That means ONLY 8% of consumers believe that their salon has competitive pricing for retail products!!

pricing survey qOK, so with all that information, what do we do to help bring the retail back to the salons? COMMUNICATION!! Whether verbally or through signage in the salon it’s important to communicate to your customers that you offer competitive pricing! Some salons even choose to advertise a price-matching offer where they will honor any legal advertised price for products already in stock. In addition to this public pricing, its important to share the dangers of diverted product to your customers who have no idea what diversion is.

The customers are already in your chair and trust you with their hair. Take that opportunity of presence and of trust to talk to them about at home care. Not just as a sales push, but as a continuation of service maintenance. Our customers need to be educated because they truly don’t know. Its is up to each of us in the industry to communicate the information and bring the retail back to salons!

Because comparison shopping online is so important to modern shoppers, take the initiative to make your retail presence visible online. Join many of our customers and talk about the products you offer on social media! Use industry hash tags to connect to a community of salons passionate about salon professionalism and #salonretail!


The following written copy is an example of how you can include a list of the retail brands you offer on your salon website and get your message out to consumers:

Here at ____ we love caring for your hair. We try to bring the best skill, knowledge and product to each appointment in order to have you feeling and looking your best. Our work doesn’t have to stop when you walk out the door. Doing your part at home with the right products will help your hair stay healthier and keep your look lasting longer.

We don’t take short cuts or cheap cuts when it comes to your hair. Why should you?

Support your stylist. Support yourself!
Shop smart. Shop small. #ShopSalon

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