PHD Summer 2017 – Complete Foundations and Advanced Seminar

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PHD Advanced Learning Seminars

Due to outstanding demand for Core Team Advanced Learning classes, East Coast Salon Services is thrilled to announce the lineup for a summer of high level learning in our new and improved PHD Learning Center located in Runnemede, NJ. PHD = Professional Hair Dressers, get it?! ūüėČ

Our customer base has been thrilled with the knowledge and skills they gathered from our series of Foundation cutting classes. However, once completed, we frequently heard – “When is the next level available?” Or, when they reached the completion of all three foundations, they asked, “Whats’ next?” Well, we finally have some answers.

To satisfy the eager learners that want their foundation skills bulked up in short order, we are offering a four day seminar in June 2017 (broken up into two Sunday/Mondays) which will cover the complete syllabi of Foundations 1-3 and more!


DAY 1 & 2: June 11-12, 2017, Day 3 & 4: June 25-26, 2017

Location: East Coast Salon Services, 100 E. Ninth Avenue, Runnemede, NJ 08078

For the limited list of well-seasoned, overachievers who have already taken all of our foundation classes (or those who sign up to take the four day program and still want more), we are offering an advanced three day seminar in July. This will be a big step up for those truly dedicated to honing their craft and taking it to the next level.

PHD ADVANCED SEMINAR –¬†Advanced Three Day Program

Dates: July 16, 17, and 18, 2017

Location: East Coast Salon Services, 100 E. Ninth Avenue, Runnemede, NJ 08078

Getting excited yet? We are! And nothing makes us more excited or proud than introducing our amazing team that will be leading this summer of learning love.

ECSS Core Team Members

Marina Lantos:

Since Marina’s arrival from Europe several years ago she has worked with leading industry giants perfecting her craft as a precision cutter and master hair designer. She has dedicated herself to creating her own training programs for building new hair stylists with fundamentals from the ground up. Marina has a true global sense of hairdressing. With her unique dedication towards teaching, her audience is able to translate even the most complicated hair designs easily. Marina has been a Regional Trainer for the last 3 years and recently accepted a leading position with the East Coast Salon Services Core Cutting & ColorTeam. She feels her truest reward is in connecting with creative individuals who want to take this industry to the next level. Her true passion for education is in teaching and inspiring people who have a passion to be the best they can possibly be.

Jordan Hamje:

Jordan Hamje began her career as a stylist in 2008. Her attention to detail, technical skills and personal drive quickly established her as a young talent in the industry. Jordan began working for East Coast Salon Services Core Team in the spring of 2014. She is also an educator for the world’s fastest growing Keratin company, Keratherapy. As an educator she feels it is important to combine strong hands on technical training with learning new trends and cutting edge techniques. Jordan currently lives and works in Philadelphia.

For more detailed information or to register, head to our education site!


PHD ADVANCED SEMINAR –¬†Advanced Three Day Program