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gelieWe’re very excited to announce that East Coast Salon Services is now carrying Zoya’s The Naked Manicure Gelie-Cure. This is the first ever demi-gel system that supports the nail’s natural healing process while improving the look of the bare nail, rather than damaging it.

This new system is great for your nail clients who want to take a break from traditional gel manicures, or for your clients who just can’t commit to gel polish, but love the look.

For your clients who are taking a break from gel, Gelie-Cure provides instant visual correction and continuous treatment to help get their nails back to a healthy state, all while wearing a beautiful Zoya manicure.

How is Gelie-Cure Different?
There is no soaking in acetone, no scraping to remove the Gelie-Cure. Simply remove in 2-3 minutes using Zoya Remove + and soak off nail foils.

Gelie-Cure locks in the Rescue Serum using the Repair Base. The Repair base adheres to the nail plate, locking in the Rescue Serum and creating the working surface for the next step, The Naked Gelie.

The Naked Gelie is the first ever demi-gel formula. It’s ultra-light, high-shine, flexible, fileable and damage free. It adheres to the Repair Base in Step 2 instead of requiring a gel underneath.

You can finish the manicure with Clear Shine. This removes any residue and amps up the shine of the Naked Gelie.

You can leave the new, finished manicure just like this for a natural look, or paint them with any Zoya color. The fun part is the client can take off the color without removing the treatment and base, and they can change the color after a week if they want a new look.

Try Gelie-Cure in your salon today! Offer your nail clients a 14-day manicure with a Keratin Treatment, amazing shine, and flexibility!

The Gelie-Cure 10 piece kit (ECSS item # NC40ZGCFBK) includes: Rescue Serum .5 oz, Repair Base .5 oz, Naked Gelie .5 oz, Clear Shine 1 oz, Remove+ 1 oz, nail file, orangewood stick, soak off nail foils, lint-free wipes and small cotton balls.

The LED Light (ECSS item # NC40ZGCPL) is sold separately. But for July-August 2019, look for promotion ZOGCKT to save when you buy a Gelie-Cure kit and LED Light together!