East Coast Salon Services PRODUCT PURCHASE AGREEMENT – January 2015

East Coast Salon Services sells lines of hair, skin, nail, body care and other merchandise purchased from several manufacturers. The integrity of the professional beauty industry rests on agreements with the manufacturers and you, our customer, that limit sale of these Professional Products to salon and spa professionals in the field. Diversion and other unauthorized distribution of Professional Products intended to be marketed through salon and spa professionals damage the reputations of the manufacturers, ECSS, and the entire professional market. Sale to persons who resell products outside of the professional market is strictly prohibited and individuals who divert product will be prosecuted. Your signature represents that you are either a licensed salon or spa professional, or have a business in which its focus is the sale of the services of salon or spa professionals.

To ensure professional products purchased from ECSS will not be diverted, your commitment to ECSS is as follows:

1. All Salon Products purchased by you or your authorized representative will be used in a professional salon or spa, or be resold only by professional salon or spa personnel in a manner that insures the correctness of the product for the professional and non-professional final consumer. There are no exceptions to this rule.

2. All "professional use only" Salon Products, including hair coloring products, permanent waves, and any other products labeled "for professional use only," "not for retail sale" or with similar language, shall not be resold by Salon Professionals to anyone other than Salon Professionals under any circumstances. Such products may be used only in the Salon Professional's place of business in connection with providing services to the Salon Professional's customers.

3. Salon Professionals will not remove, obliterate, or tamper with the batch codes, tracking codes, serial number or other codes applied .to any Salon Products. In the event ECSS or another person or entity codes Salon Products prior to delivery to the Salon Professional, the Salon Professional will not remove, obliterate, or tamper with said codes.

4. Salon Professional agrees that, if it violates this Agreement, ECSS or the manufacturer of the Salon Product involved: a) shall be entitled to obtain an injunction to prevent the ongoing Irreparable harm in any court of competent jurisdiction against the Salon Professional prohibiting such violation, and, b) as additional relief shall be entitled to damages of at least the sum equal to the full retail price normally charged by the Salon Professional (or equivalent if an individual) for any of the Salon Products that are resold in violation of the Agreement, and also whatever legal fees and costs are incurred by ECSS or the manufacturer of the Salon Product involved to recover any diverted product and enforce this Agreement.

5. Salon Professional, if a salon, will take appropriate steps to ensure that all of its employees, agents and contractors are made aware of this Agreement, and that they comply with it. Salon Professional acknowledges and agrees that ECSS reserves the right to cease providing Salon Products at anytime and for any reason whatsoever in its sole discretion. Without limitation, reasons that ECSS will cease providing Salon Products include ordering volumes of products which, in the sole opinion of ECSS, exceed the apparent business being conducted by Salon Professional, or any diversion of Salon Products in violation of this Agreement or the diversion of any other products whatsoever intended to be marketed through exclusive channels.

6. Salon Professional and ECSS acknowledge and agree that each manufacturer of any Salon Product purchased by a Salon Professional from ECSS (which manufacturers may include, depending on the territory, but shall expressly not be limited to: American Crew, Mop, Altobella, IT&LY, USPA and TIGI Linea, Inc., as well as any additional ECSS distributed brands that may be supplied in the future) shall be a third party beneficiary of this Agreement, each with an independent right to enforce this Agreement against the Salon Professional. The Salon Professional or ECSS may terminate this Agreement with respect to future purchases of Salon Products immediately upon notice, in its sole discretion. This Agreement sets forth the entire agreement of the parties with regard to the subject matter of this agreement and may not be modified other than by written agreement signed by both parties.

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